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Café CoffeeDay leads India’s consumption shift in the single-serve market

From the March 2012 issue.

After pioneering out of home coffee consumption, India’s Café CoffeeDay is now eyeing the at-home single-serve market. The company’s President of Marketing K Ramakrishnan tells GCR of the journey towards this latest endeavour.

Cafe CoffeeDay WakeCup K Ramakrishnan, Café CoffeeDay’s (CCD) President of Marketing, isn’t fooling himself as to the current dismal levels of coffee consumption in India. Average consumption sits at around 82 grams a year, giving India a three-figure ranking among the world’s coffee consuming countries.

“The coffee drinking households are largely restricted to southern parts of India,” Ramakrishnan tells GCR. “Whatever marginal consumption [that exists] at home is for social occasions in the form of instant coffee.”

It’s an interesting statement of facts coming from the company that just launched India’s most affordable capsule machine, designed specifically for at-home consumption. Priced at around US$80 for the machine, with capsules costing just 20 cents each, CCD’s new WakeCup system is possibly one of the first coffee capsule machines priced for a developing market, with the nearest comparable machines starting at US$200 each, and 60 cents per capsule.

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