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Gotec S.A. coffee capsule machine takes technology down a size

From the July 2012 issue.

Gotec S.A. talks about what they say in the smallest coffee capsule machine ever built.

Gotec S.A. coffee capsuleAt 215 millimetres high and just 160 millimetres in diameter, the Gotec S.A. capsule machine comes across more as a table top accessory than a kitchen appliance.

The device, which Swiss-based manufacturers Gotec say is the smallest capsule machine ever released on the market, was innovative enough to take home the Best Coffee Related Product or Machine Award at the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE) World of Coffee event that took place in Vienna in June.

As it turns out, much of the thinking that went into this machine was, in fact, all about taking the coffee machine out of the kitchen, according to Gotec’s Frédéric Dayer.

“Our entire vision for the team that worked on this machine was to take a coffee machine and use it anywhere you like,” says Dayer. “Imagine you could put a coffee machine in a guest’s bedroom so they could make their own morning coffee, or anywhere in the house you would want an espresso hit.”

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