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Industrial coffee grinders: When Academia pairs up with Industry

From the March 2013 issue.

The coffee industry is pairing up with academia in the advancement of industrial coffee grinders, as a vital element of a quality cup.

Chahan Yeretzian Zurich university coffee grinding researchThe division of labour is credited for the advancement of the industrial era. It would seem that when it comes to coffee grinding, too much segregation could be stifling progress.

Professor Chahan Yeretzian is Head of Analytical and Physical Chemistry at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences. He has dedicated much of his recent work to the science of coffee and the whole value chain, including the study of coffee grinding. In these efforts, he’s noticed an uncomfortable barrier between the engineering work that goes into the technological advancement of coffee grinding equipment, and the empirical taste measurements that will ultimately judge a good cup of coffee.

“In all of our work, we’ve focused on making that link between engineering and the results in the cup,” he tells Global Coffee Review. “It’s about understanding what parameters are affecting the cup quality.”

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