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Mahlkoenig’s grinding ambition

From the June 2016 issue.

Mahlkoenig’s new Peak grinder has reset the standard for performance in its field.

Mahlkoenig Peak
When the team at Mahlkoenig set about designing a new grinder in 2014, they decided that the new model could not simply be an incremental improvement on their earlier offerings – it had to redefine the standard set for high quality espresso machinery.

With almost 100 years of history, the German grinder manufacturer had already established itself as a leading producer of high quality grinders.

Today the brand and its products, such as the EK43 and K30, are distributed in over 90 countries. Along with this, the company’s grinders’ status as the official equipment used at the annual World Barista Championships mean that the brand has become synonymous with high performance in the coffee industry.

CEO of the Hemro Group, which is Mahlkoenig’s owner, Philipp Baumberger says that the company is unapologetically geared towards quality.

“If you look at the Mahlkoenig label, you find a crown there – ‘King of Grinders’,” Baumberger says. “This reflects our ambition in the market and we take pride in saying that the market feedback encourages us to stay on this challenging track.”

So when it came to designing their new grinder, the Mahlkoenig team decided it was time to further build on this reputation.

“We felt it was time to build the ultimate espresso grinder,” says Baumberger.

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