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Nuova Simonelli’s hot discovery

From the June 2016 issue.

When Nuova Simonelli sought to create a consistent grind every time it found that temperature was, as it so often is, one of the key obstacles to overcome.

The Mythos One
As one of the world’s best-known manufacturers of espresso making equipment, Italian brand Nuova Simonelli is known to be relentless in its pursuit of perfection when it comes to its machines.

That is why, when it turned its attention to that other integral piece of espresso equipment – the grinder – Nuova Simonelli formed the intention of lifting the standard of their offering another level.

According to Nuova Simonelli’s Marketing Director, Maurizio Giuli, while espresso machine technology has continued to advance throughout the years, innovations in grinding were lacking. And so the Nuova Simonelli team determined that there was a need to innovate, knowing that great coffee depends not just on brewing equipment, but on a coffee grinder of equally high quality.

“It’s already an established norm to grind espresso on demand to help retain its freshness and flavour, and to prevent oxidation that leads to rancidity, and of course the Mythos One has on-demand functionality,” says Giuli. “But dosing coffee with an on-demand system isn’t always consistent – the dose tends to vary depending mainly on how heavily the grinder is used.”

Because the ability to get a consistent dose weight and volume directly affects the quality of coffee extraction, the Nuova Simonelli team was determined to solve the problem.

A thorough investigation into the different factors affecting the machine’s ability to control the weight and volume of its doses revealed that the temperature of the grinding burrs themselves was having a significant impact on dosing consistency.

“So, air temperature in the coffee bar and the heat created by the coffee equipment itself was once again the culprit,” Giuli says. “We had seen this before in our work on espresso machines, which led us to the development of the revolutionary T3 technology that knocked down the seemingly insurmountable barrier of thermal stability in espresso brewing.”

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