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CMA Astoria has taken an environmentally-friendly step in commercial espresso machine design

From the March 2011 issue.

CMA Astoria have come forward with sustainable and accountable production plans – and a new commercial espresso machine that can cut consumption by nearly half compared to traditional designs.

Story by Gary Try

CMA was a rather late arrival to the category of manufacturing coffee machines. Started in 1968, quite late compared to its competitors, it has achieved the most recent and dynamic developments of this sector, taking it to being one of the two top espresso machine manufacturers in the world.

Launching under the Astoria brand, the Dal Tio family of two generations now, have carefully directed the CMA company to produce espresso machines with a strong focus on their sustainable and accountable effect on the global environment. Today CMA can proudly map each machine’s impact on the world that it interacts with.

The present facility in Susegana, Italy, began operations in January 2007, which consolidated the entire company manufacturing structure under one roof. Years of research and consultancy to study effective production-line strategy took the company to learn from best-practice systems employed on car manufacturing lines in Japan and on to volume consumer product manufacturers across the globe. They then adapted this collective information and philosophy into a system relative to coffee machine production.

Today, the total production line structure is arguably second to none in the coffee world, capable of producing 70,000 espresso machines a year. The integrated use of high-end robotics and automated machinery, through to highly developed component supply-chain systems from outsourced suppliers, produces high quality standardised machines within effective timelines.

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