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International Synergies: Monin syrup’s global strategy

From the July 2012 issue.

Syrup manufacturer Monin Asia’s Managing Director, Cedric Clouzeau, speaks about the exponential advantages of a wide global presence.

Monin Asia Managing Director Cedric ClouzeauWhile some companies may adapt and mould their product offerings to different markets, Cedric Clouzeau, Managing Director Asia for Monin, says the French syrup company has purposefully taken the opposite approach.

When introducing a new flavoured syrup – which Monin does four to eight times a year – the company makes a point of promoting the new product across the 120 countries in which it has a presence worldwide. While the inspiration for the flavour may have been local, Clouzeau says Monin goes out of its way not to limit specific flavours to certain markets.

“The flavours’ potential is not defined by a market, it’s defined by its applications… We launch flavours all over the world, we make no distinction between markets. But, we make sure that applications, such as smoothies, frappes, teas and so on, are in total accordance with what local consumers like to order,” he tells GCR. “While it’s important to find the right application, in the end we are creating our own potential.”

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