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Melitta Professional Coffee Solutions takes coffee on holiday

From the July 2014 issue.

The next generation of fully automatic equipment is helping hotels increase customer satisfaction and repeat business.

Coffee MelittaThere was a time when many hotels saw a disadvantage in providing a quality coffee offering, recalls Oliver Welschar, Key Account Manager International for Melitta Professional Coffee Solutions.

“Very often, coffee was seen as something that a hotel must offer,” explains Welschar. “It was part of the breakfast service, available as a large bulk brew. If it wasn’t good, the hotel would save money because people would only have one cup, or nothing at all, and would make their way to the nearest Starbucks.”

Welschar says, however, that in today’s competitive market, this “old-fashioned way of thinking” could be detrimental to a hotel’s ability to draw repeat clients.

A frequent traveller himself, Welschar says the quality of a hotel’s coffee leaves him with a lasting impression, one strong enough to draw him back to that chain.

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