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The use of social media in marketing by the coffee industry

From the November 2011 issue.

Social media is proving increasingly popular among the global coffee community. The experts are now asking how this social engagement makes business sense.

Social MediaThe world is hungry for social media whether we ‘like’ it or not. As society continues to embrace these channels and adapt to the world of Facebook and Twitter feeds, our methods of personal interaction have transformed as our desires for instant information have grown.

As younger generations calculate their popularity via their number of Facebook ‘friends’, businesses are increasingly turning to clever campaigns to similarly gauge the number of ‘hits’ their products and offerings can elicit from these connections. In a borderless, global business environment, the pursuit for wider consumer and client reach has rapidly adopted these technologies.

The global coffee industry is no different. However, many of the most successful corporate users of social media tools aren’t about to let us in on the secret as to why they are attracting up to a million hits. In the search for answers, GCR contacted eight large, coffee chain brands with all but one wishing to stay silent on their social media strategies. “Unfortunately we have decided to pass on this opportunity,” one PR representative responded… “At this time, this is not something we will be able to participate in,” said another.

Although mute when it comes to commenting on how they approach it, these businesses are successfully navigating through the social media maze. The question now is if they fully realise the power of their actions.

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