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A life encapsulated: Eric Favre Nespresso coffee capsule inventor

From the November 2011 issue.

Monodor founder and Nespresso inventor, Eric Favre, speaks to GCR about his story of innovation, his decision to leave Nestlé, and the future of the coffee capsule industry.

Eriv Favre Monodor, inventor of NespressoIn the black and white dated modernity found in 1960s television commercials, a slick-haired husband gives his wife a hard time about the quality of her coffee.

“The girls at the office make better coffee on their hot plates,” he bitterly complains.

Eager to please her man, the woman turns to a friend who pulls out a jar of instant coffee. As she serves it to him that evening, she asks him: “Is it better than the girls’ at the office?” to which he replies: “Honey, their coffee can’t hold a candle to yours.”

It was in this era – at a time when the instant variety was the miracle product ready to transform the quality of coffee being served in the modern world – that Eric Favre saw an opportunity.

Long before he came to be known as the father of coffee capsules, having invented the Nespresso system and served as the company’s first President, Favre was a young engineering graduate looking to make his mark in the world. His father had also been an inventor and had encouraged him to study both engineering and business.

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