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Best of the NY Coffee Fest

From the December 2016 issue.

The 2016 New York Coffee Festival was a celebration of the trends and innovations that are driving the growth of specialty coffee culture in the world’s most famous metropolis.

NY Coffee Fest

It would be fair to say that ten years ago, great coffee was not an easy thing to find on the streets of New York City – it was still something reserved for those select few who knew where to find it and were ready to make the extra effort to get it.

However, the 2016 New York Coffee Festival was an indication of just how much has changed in the Big Apple.

The festival, which featured events like the coffee masters, a specialty food market, and the coffee, music and art project, demonstrated that great coffee in New York City is no longer niche. It has hit the streets and is widely accessible within the hospitality and service industry: hotels, restaurants, doughnut shops, barber shops and breweries are all serving up beautiful and high-quality cups trending with the increasingly discerning palettes of their customers.

The specialty coffee scene in New York has been expanding and maturing for the past several years. The combination of local companies like Grumpy, Gimme, and Everyman Espresso and the bigger, more established West Coast companies like Stumptown, Blue Bottle, and Intelligentsia laid a strong foundation for the development of a vibrant market for creating and consuming specialty coffee.

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