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Coffee Assurance Services continues 4C’s work

From the September 2016 issue.

The 4C Association has radically changed the way it operates in order to better deliver its services while still pursuing other projects.

Coffee Assurance Services
Over the past decade, certified coffee has gone from being a niche segment of the industry to becoming an extremely high profile, and increasingly in-demand part of the mainstream coffee industry.

While certification marks such as Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance may have greater visibility on the consumer side, there is one certification standard that has managed to establish a broader footprint than any other on the supply side – the 4C baseline standard.

The 4C baseline standard was established to set, as the name implies, a minimum level of practices that must be adhered to for consideration as a member of the sustainable coffee producing community.

According to 4C’s figures, in 2014 almost a third (29 per cent) of the world’s coffee production met its entry-level standard.

However, 4C’s success has also forced the organisation to look at new ways of operating in order to keep up with the growing demand for its services.

That is why in April this year the 4C Association and the Sustainable Coffee Program join edforces and co-created the Global Coffee Platform. The verification operations of the 4C Entry-level Standard are to be spun off into a separate independent company, Coffee Assurance Services, while the competitive Field-Level Projects of the Sustainable Coffee Program are to be absorbed by its parent organisation, the IDH Sustainable Trade Initiative, which is funded by the Dutch, Swiss, and Danish governments.

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