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Miko Coffee’s perfect equation

From the July 2017 issue.

By leveraging partnerships and improving existing innovation, Miko seeks to build on the expertise of each player in the equation.

Miko CEO Frans Von Tilborg

Although Belgium-based Miko Coffee has been in the coffee business longer than Belgium has been a country, the 216-year-old company knows it wouldn’t be anywhere without the machinery and devices that actually turn its roasts into a consumable beverage.

Over the years, Miko has been putting an increasing emphasis on coffee and espresso machines for the out-of-home coffee market.

As such, coffee machines receive near equal real estate to coffee itself on the company website. Visitors to the site can peruse a number of recommended commercial espresso machines, grinders and self-serve dispensers, such as those from Eversys, Fiorenzato and Cafinette, as well as Miko-branded equipment.

“Obviously our focus is coffee, but the machine is a means to sell our whole product,” says CEO Frans Van Tilborg. “Machines are absolutely crucial for us – it’s a marriage of great coffee with great machines.”

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