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Probat’s safety first approach

From the March 2017 issue.

German process machinery manufacturer Probat places safety of its machinery at the heart of its design process.

Probat water rack
As a leading manufacturer of coffee roasting and processing machinery, Probat is always pushing its machines to do more and to work better than the machines that came before.

But pushing its machines to perform to their highest capability also means testing their limits, and Probat’s Director of Product Technology and Research and Development Thomas Koziorowski knows that extra precautions must be taken in order to do this safely.

“Due to the added flexibility that we give to our customers to play with the different parameters of their equipment, there is always the possibility that this can lead to critical situations, such as if there is a lot of excess gas from the roasting or something like that,” Koziorowski tells Global Coffee Report.

“In order to make sure this does not create an issue for people’s safety, we directly integrate measuring components and reaction components into the equipment that can give the operators pre-warnings if they are headed in a direction that could be critical. There are more than 150 different points that we build in that can act together to keep the equipment safe – from pre-warning up to stopping the process.”

Koziorowski says that the safety features in a modern Probat machine are much like the features you see in a modern car.

“Mechanisms that can pre-warn you when you’re about to get into an accident – these are the kinds of things we transfer into the roasting process,” he says.

With a global network of customers ranging from small shop roasters to some of the world’s leading multinational coffee brands, Koziorowski says that safety is a key element in the design of all of Probat’s machines.

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