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Towards gender equity at origin

From the May 2017 issue.

A new industry partnership is working towards achieving gender equity in farming communities.


Spearheaded by the Coffee Quality Institute (CQI), the Partnership for Gender Equity (PGE) aims to build on the coffee industry’s efforts to improve the sustainability and resilience of coffee producing communities through a focus on improving the power balance between the genders at origin.

The Partnership is a diverse alliance of coffee sector organisations committed to promoting the link between gender equity and supply chain resilience, and determining the best way to address the opportunity collaboratively and with a transformative, global impact.

Founded in 2014, PGE brings together private companies, development agencies, research institutions and practitioners, as a community of practice to leverage engagement and investment.

While at its heart PGE is a research initiative, it is also tying its activities to concrete outcomes. The PGE research framework encourages a rigorous understanding of what constitutes good practice, so that the knowledge gained from field-level projects can be used to implement high-impact strategies and practices to drive real change at origin.

In particular, PGE’s work focuses on gender-specific engagement in supply chain activities to produce a greater return on investment.

“As climate change, food insecurity, lack of investment in education, and youth reluctance to work on coffee farms threaten the future of our industry, we must make gender equity a priority,” says CQI’s Partnerships and Gender Advisor, Kimberly Easson. “A sustainable coffee sector demands it.”

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