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WMF: Global Experience

From the August 2011 issue.

WMF’s coffee machines export director Gert Riethmüller talks about exploring new opportunities across markets.

Gert RiethmüllerAfter 27 years of working with the same company and 20 years in the same department, one might guess that Gert Riethmüller of WMF would eventually tire of his job. However, as the head of international business for the company’s coffee machine division,  Riethmüller says nothing could be further from the truth.

“Every day presents its new challenges. It’s a very interesting business,” he says. “When you look at all of these concepts in coffeeshops, it has really been a new industry in the last 15 years.”

With a history of producing commercial coffee machines since 1927 – and specialising in automated machines – WMF is well placed to have observed the industry’s changes over the last century. They set up a coffee machine service in 1932 and went on to build their Filtromat system in 1958, working with two boilers for brewing water and steam. From the late 1960s until today, they have refined their automated coffee machines for bulk brewing as well as automated single cup methods. 

Riethmüller started with the company in the mid-1980s via a traineeship and after seven years of working with the general WMF group was transferred to the coffee machine division. Moving from the regional division to head the international distribution division six years ago, Riethmüller has continued to be entranced by the reach of coffee in the international environment.

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