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The Hybrid Vigour Phenomenon

From the July 2017 issue.

World Coffee Research is streamlining an innovative breeding technique that gives the global coffee industry hope for a brighter future.

WCR researcher

WCR researcher
While individual countries like Brazil, Colombia, France and the United States all have their own accomplishments in coffee breeding, World Coffee Research (WCR) recently announced a breeding milestone at the global level.

At the National Coffee Association’s 2017 Annual Conference in March, WCR released its 2016 Annual Report and announced the creation of its first F1 hybrid varieties – what WCR founder Tim Schilling is calling the “holy grail” of coffee.

This super coffee is not only high yielding and extremely resilient, but also disease resistant and high quality when bred strategically.

Its higher yields and resilience to volatile weather – from frost to drought – is attributable to what breeders call heterosis, or hybrid vigour. It is a phenomenon in the genetics community that results in hybrids that are superior to their parents.

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