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VST Inc.‘s Vince Fedele’s coffee quality hypothesis

From the January 2012 issue.

After revolutionising the way we interact with our computers, VST Inc. CEO Vince Fedele is now lending his inventive savvy to improving the quality of coffee and espresso beverages with the VST Precision Espresso Filter basket.

VST Inc. Vince FedeleIn January 1999, late Apple CEO Steve Jobs was set to present to an audience on the advent of FireWire. The device was one of the first high speed serial interfaces that would both power and connect an external hard drive to a computer and was hot-pluggable. A few minutes before the presentation, he turned to VST Inc. CEO Vince Fedele and asked him when the first set of VST pocket-sized drives he was about to demonstrate would be ready to ship.

Fedele had answered August, but when Jobs announced to the audience at large that it would be ready in June he glanced directly at Fedele, fully aware he had just moved up VST’s deadline by two months.

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