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World Coffee Research’s pipeline to quality coffee

From the April 2016 issue.

A revolutionary new survey is set to create the most comprehensive database of varietal information ever compiled.

A team of scientists conducts sensory analysis
The global coffee industry is scrambling for solutions, as the negative effects of climate change on coffee production become ever more apparent.

But while a lot of these efforts have been focused simply on finding hardier breeds of plant to withstand the harsher conditions brought about by global warming, it seems that often the matter of how to preserve coffee’s quality in the face of changing conditions has been neglected.

Until now, that is.

A new project by World Coffee Research (WCR) is aiming to create a complete scientific catalogue that captures and records all of the relevant information about a variety of coffee, from data about its cultivation conditions right through to the sensory attributes that it displays.

Called the Sensory Pipeline, this process will collect an unprecedented amount of data about each sample of coffee that goes through it, from the altitude of where it was grown right through to a map of the volatile compounds it emits as aroma once it has been roasted.

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