International Coffee Organization

World coffee leaders make key commitments at thirds ICO’s CEO & Global Leaders Forum

The International Coffee Organization (ICO) led its third CEO & Global Leaders Forum (CGLF) on 8 September with the goal …
Marco Beverage Systems

Marco Beverage Systems named Ireland’s top 25 Best Managed Companies for 2021

On 8 September, commercial water and coffee systems manufacturer Marco Beverage Systems was named one of Irelands top 25 Best …

SCA postpones US Coffee Championships, 2021 expo to go ahead

Yannis Apostolopoulos, CEO of the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) has announced that the United States Coffee Championships (USCC), that was …
International Coffee Council

International Coffee Council hosts 130th session

The 130th session for the International Coffee Council convened online from the 9 to 10 September, focusing on the council’s …
Best of Yemen auction

Best of Yemen coffee auction sees highest price paid for third place lot

The Best of Yemen auction, which was organised by the Alliance of Coffee Excellence (ACE) and Yemen based not-profit Qima …
Ethiopia’s Forest Coffee

Ethiopia’s Forest Coffee guide unburies country’s hidden coffee treasures

TechnoServe and Partnerships for Forests has released Ethiopia’s Forest Coffee: An Illustrated Guide unburying the country’s hidden coffee treasures.
coffee packaging stands out

Ensuring your coffee packaging stands out from the crowd

Cama Group uses its decades of experience to offer flexible and efficient single serve secondary packaging solutions to the global coffee …

GreenLution closes the loop on coffee capsules

Säntis, Wipf, and Optima have combined their expertise in single serve coffee packaging to develop the sustainable and ecological GreenLution …
Global Coffee Platform

Global Coffee Platform creating a true snapshot of sustainability

In its latest Snapshot report, Global Coffee Platform explores the increasing sustainable coffee purchases made by six leading coffee companies …
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Rancilio Group launches Chinese branch

The Rancilio Group has launched its newest branch, Rancilio Group China, which will be headquartered in Shanghai.
August coffee prices

August coffee prices reach new highs over concerns about future supply and freight costs

In August 2021, coffee prices recorded the tenth consecutive month of increase, sparked by concerns over supply, due to climate …

WMF appoints new Executive Vice President

On 1 September, Martin Zouhar was appointed WMF’s new Executive Vice President SEB Professional PCM and Hotel, and is now …
The Coffee Forest & Climate Agreement

Colombia the first country to sign the Coffee, Forest & Climate Agreement

The Coffee, Forest & Climate Agreement has been signed by the Colombian Government and a collection of representative groups on …
Red Arrow Kerry

Kerry Red Arrow assumes direct distribution in Australia

International taste and nutrition company, Kerry will assume direct distribution of Red Arrow products from Oppenheimer, bringing Red Arrow’s condensed …

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