Aurelia Wave

In the Aurelia Wave, Nuova Simonelli has put its focus on five themes: water, quality, ergonomic, sustainability, and digital information. Thanks to its Smart Water Technology, Aurelia Wave Read more

Franke S700

The Franke S700 marries the best of two coffee worlds: the intelligent technology of Franke’s fully automatic A-Line combined with the creative capacity of a two-step-machine. Read more

Rychiger FS 190

The Rychiger FS 190 filling and sealing machine is based on a rotary indexing table that can be equipped with individual process modules for a wide Read more

Bühler InfinityRoast

Bühler’s InfinityRoast will inspire product innovations and assist roasters in creating traditional and non-conventional roasting profiles for customised flavour characteristics and physical bean properties. With the InfinityRoast, Read more

BR18 Advanced Specialty Software

Brambati’s new software improves the connection between the production needs and the requirements of specialty coffee applications. BR18 Advanced Specialty Software allows users to overlap historical Read more

Café Amas la Sierra

Amas la Sierra is the result of the romance between the indigenous knowledge of nature preservation and the advanced sophistication of specialty coffee production. The balance between Read more

Slayer Steam X

The Slayer Steam X represents a culmination of 10 years in dedication toward craftsmanship and the design of advanced barista tools. This machine innovates the barista Read more

Mythos 2

With Mythos One, Victoria Arduino redesigned the way of thinking about grinding coffee. With Mythos 2, Victoria Arduino reinvented the rules moving the boundaries of on-demand coffee Read more

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