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Green coffee in Russia

From the June 2016 issue.

From weight loss to anti-ageing benefits, the health promises of green coffee is driving the rise of the most novel product to hit the industry this century.

Nescafe Green Blend
Since the introduction of single-serve coffee at the end of the 20th century, the coffee industry has largely been driven by innovations in existing products rather than the introduction of new ones.

However, a health craze is seeing the rise of what could be the most novel coffee product of the 21st century – green coffee drinks.

Prior to 2014, green coffee was not really commercially viable, accounting for only a small segment of the global market for specialty coffee. However in recent years the volume of its consumption has significantly increased in almost all regions of the world.

A study conducted by analysts at the Russian Ministry of Agriculture and the Association of Tea and Coffee Producers of Russia, a public association that unites Russia’s leading tea and coffee producers, has found the product category gaining ground among emerging and established markets alike.

According to Alexander Tkachev, Russia’s Ministry of Agriculture, in recent years the consumption of green coffee has significantly increased in Russia. This is largely due to the rise of the demand for healthy lifestyles among the local population.

While in the past green coffee extract was mostly used in the production of dietary supplements, in recent years its usage has significantly expanded into mainstream drinks.

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