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Indonesia’s clouded forecast

From the December 2016 issue.

Over the past five years, Indonesia has struggled with adverse weather that has cut production short. Will the industry be able to fulfill plans to expand production to 20 million 60-kilogram bags?

Drying coffee outdoors

It has been another rough year for Indonesia’s Robusta coffee growers.

After enduring five consecutive crops with weather-induced damage to the main Robusta harvest, growers in the world’s fourth largest coffee producing country finally caught a small break in the last 2015-16 cycle and were able to harvest a small recovery.

But what had looked like a healthy flowering at the beginning of the harvest year in early 2015, promising an even more healthy recovery for the first time since 2010, was quickly turned around by yet another instance of drought across the key Robusta-growing belt of Sumatra and Java.

It was not just the latest drought to hit Indonesia’s coffee regions that affected the flowering and cherry development of the last harvest.

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