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Winners of the Flavour of India

From the September 2016 issue.

We take a look at the winners of the Flavour of India competition held at the World of Coffee in Dublin.

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When the coffee world gathered in Dublin in June for the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe’s annual event, World of Coffee, the very best of the best in every category of the industry was on show.

Not only were the world’s top baristas – who were gathered to compete in the coffee industry’s headline event, the World Barista Championship – joined by top roasters and coffee equipment manufacturers from around the world, the growers of the world’s finest coffees were also out in force.

Among the initiatives designed to showcase some of the world’s best coffees was a cupping competition featuring the cream of India’s crop.

Run by the Coffee Board of India (CBI), the Flavour of India cupping competition showcased the leading coffees produced on the subcontinent as determined by a panel of international judges in the final rounds of cupping, which took place during the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe’s annual event.

The coffees that made it to Dublin to be judged by a panel of nine judges from all around the world were selected in India from a total of 232 initial entries that were submitted to the CBI in March.

Among those entries were 142 samples of Arabica and 90 samples of Robusta.

Over two rounds of evaluation, that number was whittled down to 39 samples in the following four categories: Arabica (washed/unwashed), Robusta (washed/unwashed), Specialty Arabica coffees, and Specialty Robusta Coffees.

These samples comprised the best coffees from each of India’s coffee growing regions, plus an extra six samples each of both Robusta and Arabica in the speciality categories.

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