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Industria Macchine Ferraraese IMF s.r.l’s Claudio Borghi: Roast to toast

From the March 2011 issue.

Industria Macchine Ferraraese IMF s.r.l's Claudio Borghi helped redefine the nature of the coffee roasting industry, taking from his experience in chemical and nuclear engineering.

Story by Gary Try

Claudio Borghi is a rather quiet and retiring design engineer. He is not used to acclaim, nor having a camera lens pointing his way. But, when asked what took him to the point of re-engineering roast technology, his eyes light up with the vision and passion of new design concepts as yet undeveloped and he will not accept any praise for his previous achievements.

Borghi now finds himself engaged in an industry that globally is under the spotlight. Like many industries, coffee roasting companies have not been immune from the pressure to cut or better monitor emissions. The pressures are causing headaches for old and new roasting companies, as the eyes of government bodies, environmental protection authorities and local council bureaucrats turn to take a long hard look at the production emissions and carbon footprint of the coffee roast industry. It could not be a better time for new accountable plant technologies to be available to a growing global market.

His close work associates claim that Borghi’s vision and enquiring nature is nothing if not broad and revolutionary. But, what bought Borghi to the pivotal position where he achieved a quantum leap forwards in an industry that was not his natural abode?

After training as an engineer, majoring in industry electronics and systems control, Borghi was commissioned by the chemical manufacturing industry. Here, working alongside industrial chemists, he was able to apply his engineering and systems management control to an industry where chemical reactions, generated heat or heat delivery and temperature control are a critical element in the successful manufacturing of volatile substances into finished and static final products. Already, we can note some parallel demands associated with the production of roasted coffee.

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