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Fairtrade Africa is shifting the axis

From the June 2014 issue.

A new generation of leaders in the Fairtrade movement want to empower producer nations by transforming them into consumers. Fairtrade Africa’s new Executive Director, Nyagoy Nyong’o, tells GCR magazine how it’s going to be done.

Until now, the Fairtrade model has primarily focused on addressing the north‑south imbalance in trade and consumption of certain agricultural commodities such as coffee. But in recent years, the focus of the organisation’s branches in those traditional producer markets has shifted towards south-to-south trade.

Fairtrade Africa’s new Executive Director, Dr Nyagoy Nyong’o is one of the new generation of leaders in the 30-year-old movement who is trying to drive this change in the dynamics between producers and consumers around the world.

Nyong’o, who took the helm of the African branch of the organisation in late 2013, says  she is still struck by the lack of awareness about the organisation in Africa as opposed to Europe.

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