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iPads at coffee origin

From the July 2012 issue.

iPad technology is shaping the direction of communication at coffee farms, transforming the way coffee farmers source and engage in agricultural information.

iPads on coffee farms sustainable harvestDebra Rosenthal, Director of Technology Development for Sustainable Harvest, says we are often quick to judge what is appropriate technology for a community.

“iPads are thought of as something for jet-setting CEOs, not for people working on farms,” she says. “In the same way a CEO in New York can find a use for a tool that’s innovative and versatile, the CEO of a coffee cooperative in northern Tanzania can have the same uses.”

Sustainable Harvest, a specialty coffee importer, sees the value in this interactive form of technology and is using it to take agricultural education at origin to a new level.

“We’ve started introducing the second generation iPad as a resourceful training device for coffee farmers. It’s a way to get rich training materials into regions that might not otherwise have technological infrastructure,” says Rosenthal.

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