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The influence of latitude on coffee quality

From the July 2013 issue.

Colombian coffee expert Dr Edgar Moreno tells Global Coffee Review there is still more to be learned about the influence of temperature, altitude and latitude on the quality of coffee.

Dr Edgar MorenoDr Edgar Moreno has been studying the factors that go into making a great coffee for many years. As the Director of Quality Control for the Colombian Coffee Growers’ Federation (FNC), Moreno says that geography has alway been a significant factor but, as he tells Global Coffee Review,  there have been some significant discoveries recently.

“Comprehension about geography [understood as soils, topography and weather] and their influence on production and quality of the coffee has been enhanced significantly indeed,” Moreno says.

He says that the FNC’s research institute, Cenicafe, has conducted numerous trials and investigations into this area. As a result they have developed technology for adequate use and preservation of soils, as well as technical management of the coffee fields under shade, semi-shade and full sun exposition according to the natural luminosity of the specific regions where coffee farms are located.

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