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World Coffee Research’s first five years

From the April 2018 issue.

Five years after the launch of World Coffee Research, GCR looks at what it has achieved thus far and where it goes from here.

Five years ago, when World Coffee Research (WCR) was launched in March 2012, Executive Director Tim Schilling told Global Coffee Report that many coffee companies didn’t really think about the agronomic conditions in which coffee was grown. With most companies sourcing their beans from traders, he said at the time, the separation between roasters and the source of the coffee made some companies reluctant to take part in research activities at the farmer level.

“In just five years, the conversation has totally changed,” says Schilling. Since that time, WCR has recruited over 103 coffee companies to support and collaborate in its work, including major global commodities traders like Olam and Ecom, both of which are engaged in active collaborative research with WCR. Support is also coming from major coffee roasting companies in the US, Europe, and Asia - including Dunkin Donuts, Keurig Green Mountain, illycafe, Smuckers, Key Coffee and UCC - right on down to tiny micro-roasters.

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